Talent Acquisition Specialist


Do you have an interest in the IT world? Do you want to take on the entire recruitment and selection process from start to finish? Then you might be our new Talent Acquisition Specialist!

Are you up for the challenge?

We are looking for an experienced Talent Acquisition Specialist as an addition to our recruitment team! Our new colleague will help to expand ACA IT-Solutions and get people excited to choose ACA as an employee. You will promote the values and corporate culture of ACA and become part of the “war for talent” to find that one suitable candidate time and time again. This goes for employees as well as freelancers.

As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, you will be responsible for the recruitment and selection from start to finish:

  • You write great job descriptions and publish them on various channels.
  • You search for the perfect candidate in many creative ways.
  • You screen candidates by phone and interview them in person afterwards.
  • You are responsible for keeping our database of freelancers up to date.
  • You offer support to HR projects and take ownership for these.


Do you have what it takes?

A Talent Acquisition Specialist in our team needs to have some years of experience with recruiting (IT) profiles.

Hard skills:

  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, jobsites, … don’t have any secrets for you. You know how to find the right candidate on these (social) media channels!
  • To deal with clients, candidates and colleagues in a professional manner, you need to have excellent communication skills in both Dutch and English.
  • You have excellent writing skills and are able to create interesting vacancies!
  • Preferably you have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and you can’t wait to expand your already acquired knowledge either!


Soft skills:

  • You are passionate about everything that has to do with recruitment and selection.
  • You’re eager to learn about the IT world of our candidates. Their technical expertise doesn’t scare you!
  • You flexibly respond to change and proactively think along with the candidate, the client and your colleagues.
  • You are a dynamic all-rounder that wants to make ACA IT-Solutions flourish. You are innovative and not afraid of challenges!
  • You take responsibility for your tasks and are able to work independently.


Your opinion is important to us! Do you have an idea, a new way of working, a flare of creativity, …? Tell us! We love people who take initiative and talk to the right people to reach their goals!

About ACA

ACA IT-Solutions is a podular organization with teams spread over 3 offices in Belgium (Hasselt, Olen and Ghent). Our pods (business units) function as flexible companies with their own IT specialty, yet remain connected by pursuing the same goals and values: growing together by realizing solutions that make customers and employees proud. We do this by offering several services to our customers.

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The SO are all the services that support the business units (services) from ACA. These are finance, marketing, HR, fleet,…

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