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Kenneth Westelinck Senior Solution Engineer

Tell us about yourself in a nutshell!

My name is Kenneth and I live in Merelbeke. I’m a proud dad of twins and have been working in IT for over 17 years. In the past I have been an integration specialist, using different platforms like Mule, Biztalk and .NET. In 2007, I started as a full-time Java software developer. Recently, I have been taking on the full-stack approach, so I can contribute to the GUI as well. In my spare time, I like to read and watch some TV series. I’m not really the sporty type of person, but every now and then I like to go climbing with my girlfriend. After all and if I’m not mistaken, Ghent has the highest indoor climbing area in Belgium to offer. 🙂

How did you end up working for ACA?

I must admit that ACA had already been on my radar for a long time. I have always considered ACA as a prestigious player on the IT-market. Unfortunately, the Olen and Hasselt offices were too far away to combine with my family, so applying didn’t seem relevant. About a year ago an old colleague of mine told me ACA was opening an office in Ghent and the hunt for new Ghent colleagues was open. This was music to my ears as the affinity with my previous employer was lost. It’s no surprise I was very motivated for the job interview.

Did your impression of our company agree with the reality at ACA?

As I was well informed by my previous colleague, I knew what to expect. I think that ACA really spoils their employees and will go beyond any means to make the job as comfortable as possible. Decent work material, the team building events and the yearly weekend are just a few examples out of an array of positive vibes. ACA also takes benefits for your partner and family into account, which is a huge plus for me! It’s pretty rare for employers in the IT sector to do so.

You’re a Solution Engineer. What do you do exactly?

Researching new technologies, making architectural decisions, supporting analysts on a technical level, reviewing code, teaching junior developers, … and most importantly: building great software, of course 🙂  

Tell us about your typical workday

As an early bird, I like to catch the worm at around 7:30 AM. All the code we write has to follow a certain review process, so this is what I do at the start of my day at work. My own code obviously gets reviewed too, so processing feedback is what I like to do next. ACA developers usually work in pairs. For the largest part, I work on stories during the day together with my partner.

At lunch, we all enjoy a meal together, sometimes accompanied with a ‘lightning talk’ one of the developers likes to share with us. These lightning talks or ‘brown bag sessions’ are a great way to keep the whole team up to date about new technologies or interesting techniques.

How do you like the coaching and support coming from ACA?

Every ACA employee gets a designated coach. Unfortunately, my coach is a very busy person, so I haven’t talked to him much since my employment. I’m actually quite new to the ACA family, so that probably has to do something with it as well. The general support on the other hand is great, my colleagues are always very willing to help me out.

Trainings are available and are pretty good. There are often internal trainings as well. I enrolled in a so-called ‘Special Interest Group’ where we do a two-weekly hacking on the new modulair system of Java 9.

What do you enjoy most about working for ACA?

The colleagues, the beautiful offices, the culture and accuracy, the driven passion for quality work, the processes, the appreciation, the enthusiasm and the daily humor. … Everything, actually 😉