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Gerrie Kimpen Business Analyst / Project Manager

For the past year and a half, Gerrie has been working on a large software project for the Jessa hospital in Hasselt as a freelance project manager and analyst at ACA IT-Solutions. Since he has quite some freelance experience, we decided to ask him about his relationship with IT MATCH.

IT MATCH is a sister company of ACA IT-Solutions, specialized in outsourcing, consultancy and selection. The IT MATCH team looks for the right IT professionals for companies and helps them to get a permanent job or a freelance project. Additionally, they offer advice on staffing, training, coaching and evaluations.

How did you end up at IT MATCH?

I got to know IT MATCH during a previous assignment for a client. In 2015, ACA won the service contract for Java services there. At that time, the other freelancers and I were still working via another outsourcing company. The ACA employees and I got along very well and every time ACA organized an event, I was there. That way, I came into contact with Melissa, the business development manager of IT MATCH.

Can you briefly describe your role within the client project at ACA IT-Solutions?

For the past year and a half, I have been working on a large software project for the Jessa hospital as a freelance project manager and analyst. This was a fairly extensive career change for me, since I previously fulfilled a role as a technical lead and architect.

The project itself is being finalized and will go into support mode at the end of the year. During 2018, all hospital employees will use the new software.

Can you tell us more about the process you go through as a freelancer at IT MATCH, from the very first contact until the execution of an assignment and follow-up?

First, my technical and soft skills were carefully screened and a conversation over the phone followed. IT MATCH then invited me for a few personal interviews. As soon as there was an agreement about the partnership, I received a lot of onboarding information to facilitate the start of my assignment as much as possible. I still have interviews with IT MATCH on a regular basis to provide me with some follow-up.

As a freelancer, how satisfied are you about the contents of your assignment and the services of IT MATCH?

The large project for the Jessa hospital, in which we transfer 2500 employees from the old EPD software to our new electronic medical system, was an impressive challenge. Looking back, I am very satisfied. The project team has realized an exceptional result and we accomplished the goal with a lot of passion and positive vibes. The project team will also become a new squad (a team of developers working closely together with other product development roles) called Lean Lizards, of which I will stay a part.

The relationship with IT MATCH is also still top-notch. I have been a freelancer for 13 years, but during previous assignments I barely ever saw my contract arranger. Except when I needed to sign something… IT MATCH has a much more personal approach with a better follow-up.

What kind of follow-up do you get from IT MATCH, then?

We have a personal interview two times a year, which is sufficient for me. During these interviews, the IT MATCH employees ask me whether there are things they could further assist me with, but there are hardly ever any problems. Practical matters, such as getting a badge to open and lock the office, are a good example of a result of these interviews.

Additionally, the IT MATCH staff members are readily available whenever I have an urgent question. Because of the exponential growth of both ACA IT-Solutions and IT MATCH, there sometimes are a few minor issues that could be improved. However, I can always involve IT MATCH to look for a solution.

What does the future hold for you?

I am currently working part-time on a JIRA app made by ACA to facilitate budget management. I am also going to help the ACA Mobile pod with a project. In other words, I’m excited to see what the future will bring.