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Aaron Van Canneyt Junior Solution Engineer

Tell us about yourself in a nutshell!

My name is Aaron Van Canneyt. I live in the bustling, but faraway Maldegem. Together with my group of friends, I make sure the nightlife there is not exactly quiet 😉 I am chairman of the local youth house, a now ex-leader at the chiro and I also play the trombone in the fanfare orchestra and a small brass band. I have studied in Ghent and fell in love with the city. That’s why I’ve bought an apartment here, I’ll be living there in about a year.

How did you end up working for ACA?

Actually, it was very coincidental. I was in my 3rd year of studying ICT-Electronics at the Odisee graduate school, when Stijn Wijndaele, the Business Development Manager for ACA Mobile, called me because he had heard I was looking for an internship. After the interview with HR and the technical interview, I was able start as Mobile Solution Engineer intern.

Did your impression of our company agree with the reality at ACA?

No, it actually didn’t, but in a positive way. I had just left school behind me and I was a little overwhelmed by ACA’s company culture. I was strongly considering to continue studying, but because of my internship at ACA and asking other students about theirs, I realized I had been extremely lucky. Because of the Agile approach, the focus on quality, the warmth between colleagues, the many ACA events, … I immediately felt at home.

You’re a Solution Engineer. What do you do exactly?

My most important task is implementing the functionality the Business Analyst has written. We can decide on how we will implement it ourselves, but we usually discuss in team about what the best fitting solution for the customer is.

At ACA, we have a lot of room to follow courses, we can deepen our understanding of a specific or new technology. The interest in our team vary wildly, so we can discuss amongst ourselves and learn from other team members. This allows us to always provide the best fitting solution.

Tell us about your typical workday.

I am currently on location in the customer’s office as a consultant. I arrive at work, prepare some coffee and sit with my pair developer. If he is not there yet, I take a look at where we ended the previous time and continue from there. When he arrives, I explain what I have done and together, we program what is requested in the story. We usually do this by first writing the tests we can derive from the story. At 10:15AM we have a stand-up meeting. Everyone in the team stands up at the KANBAN board and we all say what we’ve done the day before, what we’ll do today and whether we’re experiencing any problems. This way, everyone in the team is up to date about projects and other team members.

At around 12M, we have a lunch break. Usually, we all eat together and get away from our computers for a bit. When I’m in the Ghent office, I usually also play some darts after lunch. After that, we can get back to work with high spirits.

How do you like the coaching and support coming from ACA?

There certainly isn’t any shortage of coaching and support at ACA. I get most of the support of the team itself. The fact that we work in pairs has seriously jacked up my knowledge. As a junior developer, you are continuously supported and you can always ask questions and discuss why a specific solution was chosen. Other developers also listen to you if you propose solutions yourself.

We also have a short term coach, who helps us with short term problems and goals. Lastly, we have a long term coach, who helps us to set up specific goals we want to reach within the company in the long term. This continuously challenges me and keeps my job interesting.

What do you enjoy most about working for ACA?

It’ll sound like a cliché, but the honesty, open attitude and the way ACA treats its employees, is fantastic. Everyone is treated equally and they really try to create the perfect work environment.